Positive Parking Management

For local authorities, digital tools are the key to unlocking simple, efficient and painless parking management.

Imperial solutions and services remove administrative cost and emotional frustration from parking management for all involved, enabling local authorities to effortlessly manage all aspects of parking while ensuring fairer and more transparent processes for motorists.

By bringing together the full range of Imperial solutions, authorities can reduce the costs associated with parking management, while helping their communities by reducing congestion, ensuring safer streets and cleaner air; and more effectively connecting people and communities.

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Positive Parking Management: Imperial Solutions

Imperial’s suite of solutions enables local authorities to easily and effectively manage all aspects of parking, reducing cost, improving working processes for staff and providing transparency and fairness for motorists.

Imperial ParkFinder

Parking Spot App


Smart parking app uses real-time GPS and phone data to help drivers find and reserve parking spaces.

vouchersmarti solution

Virtual Vouchers


Virtual vouchers with online application, simple management, and real-time processing.

permitsmarti solution

Virtual Permits


Virtual permits with online application, simple management, and real-time processing.

paysmarti solution

Cashless Parking


Simple app or SMS-based pay and display enabling motorists to pay for their parking at the touch of a button, with no complex registration processes.


Enforcement Scanning


Smartphone camera scanning eliminates manual registration entry. Integrates with cashless/permit tools for automatic time contravention identification.

GeoSmarti solution

GPS Mapping


Map-based monitoring of patrolling officers provides visibility of positions, PCNs issued & more. Real-time contact/direction maximises productivity and aids ‘duty of care’ responsibilities.

rialto solution

Issuing Notices


Smartphone-based PCN issuing software speeds up notice issue and ensures all required evidence is accurately recorded to maximise recovery rates.

3Sixty solution

Notice Processing


Simple, automatic, end-to-end notice processing. Meets all legislative requirements & covers all possible contraventions/debt recovery processes – including CCTV.

challengesmarti solution

Appeals Management


Portal for all notice evidence/ messages, ensures transparency, consistency & alignment with council legislation. Valid notices can be paid via integrated card/virtual wallet.

LetterSmarti solution

Letter Writing


Creates quick and efficient intricate responses based on legislation and operational policies by combining templates with decision making.

Business Processing Unit solution

Processing Services

(Business Processing Unit)

Award-winning BPU utilises the full suite of Imperial solutions. We can manage all your parking processes, including manual call handling – ongoing or for a specific duration.

powercube solution

Management Information


Easily harness data from back-office notice processing and permit systems to identify trends and solve problems.

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Our Positive Parking Management Customers

Hillingdon Council

“The switch to Imperial was entirely seamless. No downtime or lost income and completed on time. Imperial has restored our confidence in data migration…

… with LetterSmarti we now process twice as many communications so we can cope with more PCNs. We are now able to turn responses around much more quickly, ensuring faster payments.”

Essex County Council

“With ChallengeSmarti when a driver is advised they are unlikely to win an appeal, they can see the video or photographic evidence for themselves. So they have assurance it is valid and tend not to blame the council – and can even pay there and then through the portal…

… we have saved valuable hours for our highways staff and the number of PCN appeals submitted has reduced by 30% due to the instant indication of success provided by ChallengeSmarti.”

…it takes the stress away for all involved.”

Argyll & Bute Council

“Imperial has helped us to take full advantage of far more efficient and convenient technologies, prompting a dramatic improvement in service standards for customers. The new systems have delivered significant cost savings for the Council, reduced equipment maintenance costs and cash-handling and have simplified the management and enforcement of parking services across a very large geographical area.

Liverpool City Council

“All aspects of notice processing are now much easier to manage and much more reliable… Effective and prompt reconciliation, advanced search capabilities and the ability to glean advanced management intelligence is helping us to respond more promptly to queries and requests for information.

We can also plan ahead more effectively and have been able to adopt a much more responsive approach to the issue of special concessions and parking permits in connection with major events. Such flexibility enables us to take decisive actions to help minimise disruption to traffic flow and accessibility – which is especially important in relation to the major redevelopment projects in different areas of the city.”

Rutland County Council

On Imperial’s Business Processing Unit for managing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs):

“The BPU has provided service standards and recovery rates that have exceeded all expectations… our decision to outsource has, unquestionably, helped us to set a standard in enforcement processing that one would associate with a much larger authority, simplified greatly the onerous administrative demands and provided us with excellent recovery rates.”

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