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PermitSmarti simplifies the way in which motorists are able to apply for and procure their parking permits. The system has been designed to eliminate onerous administrative demands, improve accessibility and encourage self-service. PermitSmarti helps local authorities and other parking operators to achieve their digital objectives as part of a fully transactional web service.

 PermitSmarti compromises three elements:

  1. Customer facing web portal – PermitSmarti Citizen
  2. Back office
  3. Systems configuration

PermitSmarti offers:

  • Virtual permits – which are both environmentally friendly and introduce significant cost savings on the cost of expensive stationery. As soon as the permit application is approved, it is instantly available on any handheld computer.
  • Mobile device optimisation – designed for use on smartphones and tablets
  • Council branding – the system will be set up to integrate into the layout of your website.
  • Accessibility – complies with all accessibility standards relevant to users with visual, hearing and motor impairment.
  • Flexible configuration – offering as many different permit types as required by the Council, including those with tiered pricing and permits based upon CO2 emissions.
  • Simplified application process – AFD Postcode Finder and Smart Vehicle Search significantly speed up the application process for residents.
  • Real time data transfer – the system works in real time to ensure residents receive prompt updates via email about the status of their permit application. It also ensures that all information is received in the back office as soon as it is available.
  • Distance working – both the back and front office of PermitSmarti are accessible by web and are mobile optimised. As long as a member of staff has a secure connection, they will be able to access PermitSmarti from home.
  • Secure – All payments are made via a third party PCI-compliant service; no card details are stored within the system and payment is completely secure. PermitSmarti will interface with the payment engine used by your organisation.
  • Simplified administration process – applicants are able to use their application number and PIN if, on the rare occasion, they need to speak to a member of back-office staff about their application. The process has deliberately been simplified to eliminate the need for customer-staff interaction in order to maximise efficiencies.

All elements of the system interface seamlessly with each other and 3sixty (our back office notice processing software) to give a truly end-to-end permit and notice processing management system.

For more information on the features of PermitSmarti or to request a brochure, please contact

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