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3Sixty is our powerful back-office software solution, offering automated and end-to-end notice processing. It meets all relevant legislative requirements for both civil and private parking enforcement and has been developed to cover the full range of possible contraventions and debt recovery processes - including those captured by CCTV.

3sixty presents an intuitive and easy to use system for administrative staff. Requiring minimal training, its single screen presentation means navigation between screens is simple. In addition, the system is configured with pre-defined progression paths to ensure that each type of enforcement adheres to the appropriate timescales. The configurable workflows within the system also enable particular cases to be allocated to specific staff.

3sixty also has an array of reporting features. As well as including standard reports, the system has been designed to enable you to create your own reports to reflect specific operational and analytical requirements. It also enables managers to create reports so they can see at a glance how efficiently cases are being processed - and all reports are easily extracted into Excel for analysis and offline access.

 3sixty interfaces with a wide range of other products and organisations including cashless parking, telephone payments, enforcement agencies, address management systems and government organisations.

 The system is extremely flexible and will be configured to your specific requirements in order to maximise efficiencies and operational performance.

 For more information on the full capabilities of 3sixty please contact

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