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Rialto is our innovative Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issuing software – created to provide a user-friendly experience and to simplify the enforcement process. It is available on the Samsung range of smartphones.

Representing a huge leap forward for on-street enforcement and back-office processing, Rialto is a customer-led solution, that has benefited from extensive testing and refinement in partnership with Parking Associates and the City of London Corporation.

The process of gathering evidence and issuing PCNs with Rialto is much faster than with conventional handheld software and the improved accuracy and rapid data entry greatly improves processing efficiency. It also improves back-office efficiencies with evidence-based audit trails helping to maximising recovery rates and minimising unjustified appeals.

The system is easily configured to suit your specific requirements and priorities.

  • Rapid PCN issue and evidence gathering – minimising the risk of confrontation with vehicle owners and providing more scope for managing compliance;
  • Integrated camera enables higher quality photos to be taken at any time in the issue process, even at the beginning of an observation period;
  • All photographic evidence is stamped with date, time, VRM, PCN number, street name (and GPS co-ordinates) and is automatically assigned to the correct Penalty Charge Notice during download;
  • Electronic pocketbook allows CEOs to make notes, draw sketches etc;
  • For the first time, Rialto enables enforcement authorities to apply effective and accurate enforcement of limited waiting areas;
  • Easily allows any faults to be logged and imported into the back office system;
  • Special messages can be entered on the system – e.g. persistent evaders – which alerts the CEO accordingly;
  • Ideal for integrated cashless parking solutions;
  • Detailed CEO tracking reports;
  • Following download, all of the information and supporting evidence for any PCN is readily available within two screens, giving the back-office team greater confidence and efficiency when taking calls or queries from drivers who have received a PCN;
  • Clear user interface and fat finger technology – CEOs do not need to rely on a stylus;
  • Enhanced drop down lists;
  • Can configure which prompts are compulsory and optional and whether they are required before or after printing;
  • Easily configured to suit the specific requirements and priorities of individual authorities who can also set up their own user defined questions with pick list and freetext answers.


ANPR is enabled through the use of the HHC’s integrated camera but is a functionality of the Imperial Rialto software rather than the HHC hardware. Its use goes far beyond simple input of Vehicle Registration Marks.

Cashless Parking Interface

The Imperial handheld computer software interfaces in real time with the key mobile phone suppliers for the enforcement of their cashless parking systems through 3G-enabled handheld computers.

For more information on the full capabilities of Rialto please contact

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