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Powercube opens up a whole new dimension in parking management. It is an incredibly powerful and flexible means of obtaining management information from the back-office notice processing and permit systems, allowing you to create your own reports and use your data intelligently to identify trends and solve problems.

      • Divides data into categories that can then easily be manipulated to form the basis of reports.
      • Data can be combined, used to make calculations and viewed from different perspectives and at different levels of detail.
      • Powerful analytical tools allow you to perform your own multi-dimensional exploration of your data regardless of your business or technical level.
      • Information can be viewed from a strategic level, or you can ‘drill down’ on it for a more detailed perspective.
      • Data can be displayed in a variety of graphs and charts.
      • Data can be ranked or sorted according to a range of formulae.
      • Filters can be applied ensuring that only relevant data can be displayed.
      • Data with no value can be removed automatically allowing you to cut through to the information you want immediately.
      • Format your report in the way you choose, be it as a table or as a graph or chart.
      • Any data you require can be mixed and matched creating reports that are specific to your needs. 
      • Any measurement can be used and several measurements can be combined to give you the statistics that you want.
      • Report layouts can be saved and re-used whenever you like.

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