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LetterSmarti is the intelligent letter-writing module for Imperial notice processing software. Fully integrated with the back-office database, LetterSmarti creates quick and efficient intricate responses based on legislation and operational policies by combining templates with decision making.

  • Intelligence-led – Automatically reads evidence about the case from the database as required. LetterSmarti can also instantly recognise the status of any case within the system.
  • Revolutionary development – CitizenSmarti will allow you to further achieve your self-service objectives and minimise administrative workloads as the amount of unjustified appeals decreases.
  • Increased operational efficiency – LetterSmarti will allow you to significantly increase your administrative output without affecting the quality of correspondence.
  • Case view screen – Users can read view evidence from the case view screen simultaneously whilst creating their response.
  • Easy to use – Integrates letter text seamlessly into the correspondence module, removing the need to copy and paste. Incorporates legislative policy and process guidance to provide computer-based tutoring for unskilled users as they work.
  • Secure – LetterSmarti has a full history and a Supervisor review facility.

CitizenSmarti has revolutionised the way in which citizens appeal and pay their PCNs. A self-service portal will provide assistance in challenging PCNs. The same decision tree mechanism and integration with 3sixty will guide motorists through the steps necessary to provide everything necessary to substantiate valid challenges, or to discourage them from spurious ones. This will reduce the back office effort in evaluating challenges as well as reducing the number which must be processed.

Most importantly it will apply the rules of the decision engine to help provide a speedy resolution and positive customer experience for straightforward cases, without the need for back and forth correspondence.

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