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Smart, Cleaner Cities

It sometimes feels as if we have been talking about Smart Cities forever. But we already have the tools to solve the air quality crisis; we just need to collaborate on bringing them together.

Fortunately there is a way to alleviate such concerns: Imperial’s Environmental Enforcement system effortlessly manages the entire process, from the issue of notices via handheld computers, through to back office, progression through the relevant path and to payment, prosecution or subsequent debt recovery.


Clean Air Zones: A Smart Cities Approach

Imperial’s smarter city model delivers a single technology solution covering all aspects of parking and clean air management. Our flexible, modular approach can include any or all of the following current solutions:


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Parking Spot App - ParkFinder

Smart parking app uses real-time GPS and phone data to help drivers find and reserve parking spaces.

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Emissions-based Permits - PermitSmarti

Simple emissions-based vehicle permits with online application, streamlined management tools, and real-time processing.

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Real-time Assesments - 3Sixty

3Sixty introduces real-time management of all CAZ elements, from permits based on vehicle emissions to cameras, assessment and payments.

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Enforcement Scanning - ScanSmarti

Smartphone camera scanning eliminates manual registration entry. Integrates with cashless/permit tools for automatic time contravention identification.

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Our Smart City Customers

Birmingham City Council

“Imperial is proud to have implemented a range of technology solutions supporting Birmingham’s new Clean Air Zone, with the objective of saving lives and providing cleaner, greener and safer spaces.”

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We already have the tools to solve the air quality crisis; we just need to collaborate on bringing them together.

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